Hello and welcome! I’m so happy that you’re here on Chasing Happy! I’m Kenzie, a 20-something Midwestern girl with a passion for creativity and positivity–and this is the blog where I share that passion with you.

I believe that everyone–and I mean EVERYONE–is creative. Really. Deep down, we all have the urge to make, to innovate, and to create in some way. And exercising our creativity is an important part of maintaining our overall happiness. On Chasing Happy, it’s my mission to help you believe in your own creativity and take charge of your own happiness.

So who am I? Good question. I’m a girl, married to a guy (I call him C on the blog), living in Nebraska and currently working as a writer for an advertising agency. I like to write poetry, make stuff, and am obsessed with finding the perfect planner. I can’t cook to save my life, but I am pretty decent at giving blogging advice. I also run my own Etsy shop and dream of one day working for myself full-time.

I hope you find Chasing Happy to be a positive, encouraging space. Kick back and stay a while–and feel free to get in touch with me at any time. Emails make my day!


1. I like to run–I’ve run two half marathons and done a local 78-mile relay race twice.
2. I drink Diet Coke like it’s water. Seriously, it’s unhealthy. I also can’t start my day without coffee, and usually throw in another steaming mug after lunch.
3. I’m obsessed with Christmas–the planning typically begins in July and the fun doesn’t stop until the big day (sometimes even a few days later!).
4. I was the recruitment chair for my sorority in college–twice. But I’m naturally a very shy person.
5. I have one younger sister–and she got all the sports genes (besides the running thing). She’s also a pretty good painter, but she’ll never tell you that herself.
6. I have a problem with buying candles, especially from Bath & Body Works. The collection in my hall closet is ridiculous.
7. My favorite part of high school was show choir–I danced & sang, did stage crew, and student directed for the three choirs at our school all four years.
8. I was an all-state mime in high school speech… twice. You know you’re jealous.
9. C and I have a pew in our home from the church we got married in. They’ve since torn the church down, but the pew is a sweet reminder.
10. I make lists like it’s my job. Sometimes I even makes lists of the lists I want to make. Nerd alert!