Whenever I give out blogging advice, I always tell people to focus on providing value to readers. Give them something they can use. But what does that really look like? How do you give readers value? What does “value” really mean? 

Value doesn’t always have to mean making a list of X number of tips or resources. Value doesn’t even need to be something you can pinpoint in a given post. But it does need to be present in your writing if you want to grow your readership and have followers who stick around.

Here are three ways to provide value in your posts:

1. Teach something

The most obvious way is to include tips, steps, or concrete advice in your post. But you just said I didn’t have to! No, not always. But who doesn’t love a good list article or a post about how to deal with annoying in-laws? When you’re writing this kind of content, you’re almost always going to connect with someone. 

2. Write about a relatable experience

People want to know that they are not alone. Whether you’re going through a hard time, trying out a new hobby or outlook on life, or are just bored with your current situation, you benefit from connecting with others who have had or are having similar experiences. So write about what you’re going through–chances are, someone else is going through it, too.

3. Open our eyes to new things

Almost every single time, new stuff gets us excited. Tell us about the new coffee drink you’re loving, the beauty product you tried for the first time, or the online boutique where you find all your favorite home decor accessories. Whether it’s a product, and experience, or even just an idea, readers want to be introduced to the fancy, shiny stuff.

The most important thing is to make sure your readers walk away with something–that they don’t feel like the time they spend reading your blog was wasted. Whether you do that using the three tips above or by forging your own path doesn’t matter: just do it.

What value do you look for in other blogs? How do you strive to provide value as a blogger? 

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