If you’ve been at the party for a while, you’re aware that different colors affect people differently or can be interpreted in different ways. Ever heard that wearing blue to a job interview will help you be perceived as reliable? Or that living in a house with red walls will make a person angry? Colors certainly can influence your mood and your mental processes–so why not take advantage of that? If we do a little research and come to a better understanding of the impact of certain colors, maybe we can use them to direct our thoughts and our creative efforts.

For a while there, I was totally obsessed with the color green. Next to blue, it’s one of the easiest colors for the human eye to look at–so it’s no wonder that blue and green are the favorite colors of a good majority of people. Thanks to my not-so-mild color obsession, I’ve got some very 1970s pale green kitchen chairs in my office right now (yikes).

But just because I made a poor color choice with my old kitchen chairs (we’ve since replaced them with a nice wood-toned high-top set) doesn’t mean green is itself a bad color. In fact, green helps alleviate depression, nervousness, and anxiety and makes people feel an increase in self-control. It encourages relaxation and is very soothing. If that’s’ not enough of an endorsement for you, how about this: it was George Washington’s favorite color. Boom. 
(You can read more on the psychology of color yourself, if you’d like.)
How can you use green strategically in your daily life?
  • When you’ve got a craving for unhealthy foods, pull out some lettuce or look at something green to refocus and regain your self-control.
  • Surround yourself with green when you’re feeling sad or anxious–head outside or look at photos of lush, green outdoor scenes.
  • Put green in your bathroom to help you feel refreshed in the morning.
  • Use green in your home to draw connections to nature and make visitors feel relaxed.
How else would you use green? 

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