When I first posted about Whimseybox, a lot of you asked to see the bracelet in action. So, I put together this tutorial! (This post originally appeared as a guest post on Mal Smiles, but I knew I just had to share it with you guys, too!) You can order the supplies directly from Whimseybox, or you can go out and get them from your local craft store.


First, thread your cord through a button and fold it in half (so the button is right in the middle). Then, using both ends of the cord, tie a knot as close to the button as you can.

Tuck the button underneath your clipboard top, and use the binder clip to secure the cord to the other end. The strands of your cord should be nice and taut down the length of your clipboard (by the way, this clipboard is mini–so don’t try to judge the length by the size of it… stick with the 32 inches for now!).

Cut roughly five feet of thread and thread the needle. Pull the thread so the needle is in the middle (just like you did with the button), and tie the opposite ends together with a knot.

Thread the needle under the left cord, pulling toward the inside. Pull it up between the two cords, then back over itself and through, to tie the thread around the left cord. Put a little dab of jewelry glue on the thread to keep it in place.

Now slide the need under both cords (coming from the left again). Then, slip a bead onto your thread.

Slide that bead down the thread and under the right cord, so it sits between the two cords. Then thread the need back through the bead, over the top of the right cord. Repeat the entire process (starting with threading the needle under both cords) all the way down the length of your bracelet.

Be sure to pull your thread taught after each bead, so you don’t end up with a string of loose beads all along your bracelet.

When you get to the end, thread the needle between the last two beads, then pull it back through the loop of thread this creates.

Now thread the needle back through the last bead, and add a dab of glue on both sides of that bead. Cut off any excess thread.

Tie the cords in a knot as close to the last bead as you can make it.

Now tie another knot after the first one–be sure to leave enough space between them to slip your button through (this is how you’ll close your bracelet). Once you have your second knot, secure it with some jewelry glue and cut off the excess cord.

You’re done! This makes a one-wrap bracelet. You can easily use longer pieces of cord and thread to make a single bracelet with multiple wraps, or you can layer many different bracelets. Have fun with it!

Still think you’re not creative? I think this easy project will help you start to think otherwise! Try it out! (P.S. I’d love to see the bracelets you guys create! If you decide to try this, email me a picture!)

P.P.S. You can sign up to have fun projects like this mailed right to your doorstep (making the whole “be creative” thing even easier!) with Whimseybox. Find out more here.

P.P.P.S. Are there limits on how many of these you can have? If you still haven’t taken the reader survey, I’d love it if you did that now! I’m starting to plan for 2014 and want to know what you think!


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