When C and I got married, we bought a ton of white river rock from Hobby Lobby to fill vases for the reception. OK, I bought it… C was less than thrilled about the whole decorating thing. Fast forward to two years later, and that now-totally-useless river rock has been unceremoniously dumped into the empty dirt pile next to our front steps. I swear, eventually I’ll get around to planting something there. It actually makes me a little sad to look at the puny pile of rocks every day. For one thing, I (over)paid money for those things! And they’re just sitting there, baking in the sun, serving no purpose at all. Depressing. 

So, last weekend, I decided to try to put the rocks to good use. I marched out front–still wearing my favorite but rather sad and worn-looking baby blue pajama pants with the little whales all over them–and picked out a few relatively smooth rocks.

Then I grabbed a fine-tip sharpie and starting doodling.

I tried a few different patterns, and colored over them several times to get the black sharpie nice and dark. I messed up one or two rocks with crappy designs (Does anybody else subscribe to the “first pancake” theory as explained by my all-time favorite fictional gal pal, Rory Gilmore? It was totally in action here.), but eventually I ended up with a mini collection of pretty rockin’ doodles. Yep, horrible pun totally intended… please don’t disown me!

This was probably the easiest DIY project I’ve ever done. Well, except for the time I hung an old window on the wall and called it art. But as far as actually altering an item goes, this takes the cake.

If you’ve got some extra river rock lying around or are really itching to spend your hard-earned money on a bag ‘o’ rocks at Hobby Lobby, I suggest you give this a try. Make them pretty and use them to decorate!

I’m thinking I’ll make a few more and stick the whole collection in a vase or in one of those long, shallow bowls you see on coffee tables in fancy peoples’ houses. 🙂

How else would you decorate with rocks? 


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