Happy FRIDAY, friends! It’s a short one today–just want to talk a tiny bit about where we’re all headed with our new year’s resolutions. We’ve officially made it to day three of the new year–how you doing with yours? Or your word of the year/mantra, if you went that route. If you’re like a good percentage of the country/world, you might have run into failure already. Or you might fall off the bandwagon some time in the next couple of weeks.

Guess what? That’s OK.

Failure isn’t permanent, and it doesn’t mean that you’re any less awesome than you were when you made the resolution. Because you’re awesome, you know that, right? 

The failure itself isn’t important. What is important is how you react to it. If you let it get to you–bring you down, turn you sour, and get your grumpy on–then you’ve got a problem. You’ll be letting your failure define you, rather than your goals and ambitions. And nobody wants that!

Instead, try to react positively. Look for a lesson–why did you encounter this particular setback? What needs to change? What can you do to make sure that, next time, you’re successful? Then, move on. Stop dwelling on it. Take the next steps toward success and get at it, girl!

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