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About a year ago, C let me get a store credit card and make a big, rather unnecessary purchase. I was suddenly the proud new owner of an amateur DSLR. I had no idea how to use it, and we’d bought it on credit… pretty much unheard of in C’s world, and therefore a big deal. I couldn’t believe he actually let me do it. In fact, sometimes I still can’t believe it. 

I’ve since learned what the buttons and knobs mean, and I love taking it out and playing with composition. I know it’ll be out-dated fast (it probably is already), but I’m grateful that I have it. I love taking pictures, and I’ll be thrilled to have it when we have little kiddos I can force to pose for me follow around and photograph. Any possession that helps you capture and hold onto the really meaningful moments in life is, in my book, pretty darn valuable.


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