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Today’s prompt was super easy for me, mostly because I’m going with a total cliche. I’m thankful for having seen the ocean! In July of 2012, C and I went to Mexico for a few days. We stayed at a tiny resort on an island just off the east coast, near Cancun. It was beautiful! We took this ferry boat over to the island, and you could see the water just out the window for the whole ride. It was. so. blue. Like, resort-sales-material-photo-blue, but in real life. I couldn’t believe the water could possibly be that clear and that brightly colored, but it totally was. Gorgeous.

One afternoon during our vacation, we took a taxi down to the southern end of the island, where there’s a tiny little Mayan temple (well, what’s left of it, anyway) and a sculpture garden you can explore. From that point, you can see the ocean on three sides, and it’s incredible. Also really neat: on the east side of that little tip of island is the point that the sun first touches the country of Mexico when it rises each morning. Cool, right?

I’m thankful for having seen the ocean because 1) it’s impressive and huge and gorgeous all on its own, but also because 2) I saw the ocean on that trip, and I’m extremely grateful for having gotten to take that trip. It was so much fun and so relaxing, and I loved every minute of it. Even the minutes where we were stuck overnight in Philadelphia because of cancelled flights. It sucked, but it was the 4th of July, and we got to see fireworks FROM ABOVE as our plane came in to land. I loved having that time with Caleb, experiencing something completely new and different to both of us.

And did I mention that it was gorgeous?

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